July 1, 2017 Freebies!

July 1st! A new month means new Young Living promotions!
These promos are great!

Don’t forget to try some of the new products to help you earn your freebies. I know I am adding quite a few of the new ones to my order!

Here are the details:
300PV. ($195.07 retail value)
-Essentialzyme-4. These are great enzymes that help keep your digestive sys…tem functioning like it should!
-RutaVala Roll on- This is a GO TO for sleep!
-15ml Fennel- This is great for anyone with a digestive system that needs support!
-ER exclusive- 15ml Thieves- yes please…bring on the immunity!
-ER Exclusive- 5ml Lavender Vitality- Swiss army knife of oils!!
250PV- ($129.61 retail value)
Rutavala Roll on
15ml Fennel
Er Exclusive 15ML thieves
ER exclusive 5ml Lavender Vitality
190PV ($82.57 retail value)
15ml Fennel
ER exclusives 15ml Thieves and 5ml Lavender Vitality
100PV on ER ($15.46 retail value)
5ml Lavender vitality
So excited to stock up on my everyday favorites like Thieves and Lavender! And earn the RutaVala – I have heard great things about this one for sleep!
-TO earn the ER exclusive oils, your PV value must be on an ER order.
-PV value must be met in one order
-You can earn the promos 2 times per month, but the ER exclusive oils can only be earned once.